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Zwilling Four Star - 7-INCH CARVING FORK

Zwilling J.A. Henckels

$ 89.99 $ 113
It’s also easier to complete special preparation tasks when carving and cooking with the durable meat fork. The two-pronged fork holds pieces of meat and poultry in place when cutting and is great for lifting and turning. The 18 cm classically designed knife is safe to use and durable. The meat fork from the ®FOUR STAR series has a plastic handle that was designed with ergonomics in mind, making it more comfortable to cut meals on a cutting board or a serving plate. The continuous handle ensures long-term durability and safety. The seamless bolster without any hard edges also makes it easier to use the fork. The high-precision meat fork can hold a larger roast in place while slicing without having to apply much pressure. The professional and versatile series is one of the world’s most popular series of kitchen utensils. You can pierce through multiple pieces of meat with the large meat knife’s long prongs and then turn them in the dish or place them directly on a plate. ZWILLING’s ergonomic meat fork also makes it easier for you to cook as well as serve food.
  • Ergonomic plastic handle: For fatigue-free and safe working
  • Specially shaped fork tips for easy handling.
  • Seamless transition between the handle and front part
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Exceptional durability thanks to seamless plastic handle
    • Color: no-color
    • Country of origin: Germany
    • Substance: Special Formula Steel
    • Type of handle: exposed tang
    • Type of edge: Fine Edge
    • Edge finishing: V-edge
    • Manufacturing method: forged
    • Blade hardness (HRC): 55-58 HRC
    • Net weight: 0.49 lbs
    • Length of product: 7.09 in
    • Width of product: 2.76 in
    • Height of product: 1.57 in
    • Blade length: 7.09 in
    • Handle length: 4.33 in

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