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Swiss Diamond -XD Nonstick 14" Wok With Lid & TEMPURA RACK

Swiss Diamond

$ 299.99 $ 320

The newest addition to the Swiss Diamond wok family, this 14” wok is made from heavy-duty cast aluminum and is coated with our new and advanced XD formula. This oversized wok is perfect for cooking stir-fry, lo mein, sesame chicken or any of your favorite Asian dishes, all without oil to keep your meals healthy. Designed for healthier and lighter cooking, the Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating on this pan allows you to cook without access oils or butters, making every meal a little easier on the waistline.

Holding up to 6.3 quarts, the large size of this pan allows you plenty of room for searing meats like chicken or pork, frying eggs for fried rice or making a larger amount of shrimp lo mein. The rivet-free diamond reinforced coating features 20 percent more diamonds, providing years of trouble-free cooking and easy cleanup. Tired of scrubbing and soaking your wok to clean off sticky sauces? Our easy-to-clean XD coating means you'll never have to scrub after making a delicious General Tso's chicken. Simply wash with warm water and a soft soapy sponge for immediate food release, making your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and allowing you more time to enjoy your dishes. The extra-thick, the cast aluminum base will not tip, spin or warp while cooking and provides uniform heat distribution consistently.

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