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HESTAN TITANIUM 15-Piece Titanium Brilliance

Sale price$ 2,999.95 Regular price$ 3,520.00


NEW! Limited Edition NanoBond Molecular Titanium 15-Piece Set! 

For groundbreaking innovations in cookware, equip your kitchen with the limited edition Hestan NanoBond Molecular Titanium 15-Piece Set. Our newest set includes a curated assortment of our best selling NanoBond pieces loved by professionals and home chefs including ALL sizes of our best-selling skillet and the 5qt Essential pan, a fan favorite! This complete set will help you to achieve best results with exceptional performance and precision for every sauce, stew, fricassee and filet.

Molecular Titanium bonds thousands of titanium nano-layers to the stainless steel construction, creating a brilliantly resilient cooking surface 400% harder than typical stainless steel, making it resistant to scratching, staining, and salt pitting. This 100% toxin-free, non reactive set of pots and pans is fitted with ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip when cooking and serving culinary creations. Flared rims offer an exquisite drip-free pour experience and are sealed to protect against delamination. Interchangeable lids fit frying pans, stockpot, and sauté pan to lock in heat that draws exceptional flavor from every ingredient. Oven safe to a scorching 1050°F, these Italian handcrafted pots and pans offer a lifetime of durability for culinary perfection.

The Hestan Advantage
  • Sealed Rims - Encased with stainless steel to prevent dangerous wear and tear. They are 100% (truly) dishwasher safe forever, with no sharp edges ever.
  • Flush Rivets - Chef-inspired flush rivets, make Hestan cookware easy to clean by preventing food build up. They are also ideal for stacking and nesting.
  • ProCore Aluminum - The exclusive triple-bonded stainless-steel base delivers 35% greater heat conductivity. That means faster, more consistent heating, plus faster recovery time to stay in control of temperature and timing.
Details You'll Love
  • 100% toxin-free
  • 100% dishwasher-safe
  • Oven and grill safe to 1050°F
  • Ergonomic handle for extra comfort
  • Superior pan geometry
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • 14 global patents
  • Optimized for induction
Set Includes
  • 8.5", 11", and 12.5" Skillets
  • 1.5qt, 3qt, and 4qt Saucepan with lids
  • 3.5qt Sauté pan with lid
  • 5qt Essential pan with lid
  • 8qt stockpot with lid
HESTAN TITANIUM 15-Piece Titanium Brilliance
HESTAN TITANIUM 15-Piece Titanium Brilliance Sale price$ 2,999.95 Regular price$ 3,520.00