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All Clad d3 - 16 Qt. Stockpot Stainless

All Clad

$ 199.99 $ 250


Stockpots are true do-it-all’s when it comes to any liquid-related cooking. They have tall sides which reduce evaporation so thinner stocks and soups maintain their light consistency. Put on the accompanying lid to retain even more moisture. Those properties also make them great for boiling pastas, blanching veggies, and prepping foods for canning. With a wide, flat base, you can even sauté your soup ingredients right in the pot without having to use an additional pan. Made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, they heat evenly and are extraordinarily durable. For an added touch of style, it has a sleek polished finish that adds a bit of texture and refinement to your kitchen. At a whopping 16 quarts, it’s the perfect size for making enough soup to store for winter.

Item Care:

Allow pot to cool before washing. Dishwasher safe. Avoidusing steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents.

Item Cleaning:

Dishwasher safe

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