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Avocado Kale Caesar Salad + Sweet Potato Fries

Salad and fries. The restaurant power-combo.

It is impossible for me to order a salad at a restaurant without a side of fries. Um, a little flavor-loaded fresh veg action with a fistful of hot and crispy fried potatoes to carb it up and wash it down? AND YES I WANT A SIDE OF RANCH DRESSING, DUH.

What was already a beloved food combo in my heart has just been elevated to a new status. This homemade Avocado Kale Caesar Salad — you guys, what can I even say right now. I literally do feel like it has changed my life. Just hear me say this: I love to eat kale right now. I LOVE TO EAT KALE! Because fun fact – kale is delicious when soaked in a creamy homemade caesar dressing and tossed around with chunks of avocado and handfuls of crunchy nuts. If you’re not opposed, Parmesan is a nice addition, and the sweet potato crispers filling out the other half of your plate make it a done deal.

Let’s start with the (EASY) Caesar dressing.

My rules for Caesar dressing:

  • Let’s use avocado instead of a whole ton of mayo.
  • Okay but let’s still use a little mayo, because the creaminess, you guys. Use vegan mayo if you want – it’s tasty.
  • Exactly zero anchovies. Anchovies are not in my pantry, like, ever, so therefore they are a not in my Caesar dressing. I know it’s the true way of Caesar dressings, but look at who you’re talking to. Recipe rule-following was never my game.
  • Dijon, salt, garlic, lemon, mwah. It’s honestly magic.

The sweet potato fries should get done first – they take about 30 minutes whereas the salad takes about 2, so start on those right away if you want fries with that pile-o-greens.

And then? Voila.

You have a plate full of hot fries + lemony, avocado-creamy, crunchy salad and it’s all just SO GOOD (dip your fries in the dressing, I dare you) and also – I might quit the blog now because this is the food I want to eat forever.

I mean, I never said I was fancy.

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