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Swiss Diamond - XD Nonstick Square Griddle- 11" X 11"

Swiss Diamond

$ 219.99 $ 230

The square shape and the natural nonstick properties of this 11” x 11” Nonstick Square Griddle creates a superb surface for eggs, pancakes and so much more. Plus, you won’t even need to use oils or butters. Simply pre-heat over medium before adding your food to the pan, and watch as beautifully golden pancakes glide off with ease. The new and improved Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating is designed to be used without access oils or butter, ideal for years of lighter meals and healthier eating.

Additionally, the coating is PFOA-free and manufactured using an eco-friendly production process, always with you and your family’s safety in mind. Clean up is a snap – even with sticky and messy breakfast foods. Simply wash with warm water and a soft, soapy sponge for a clean that will make your pan as good as new. Nothing conducts heat more quickly or efficiently than diamonds, and the Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating has 20 percent more diamonds than the previous Swiss Diamond HD nonstick coating. Combine this with the extra thick cast aluminum body, Swiss Diamond maximizes heat transfer so efficiently, that you never need to use more than medium heat.

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