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Shun - Hinoki Cutting & Carving Board


$ 49.99 $ 63

Made by Japan's leading blade manufacturer, this cutting board protects the finest cutlery and helps keep your knives sharp for years to come. The board is made of Hinoki, a medium-soft wood that adeptly conceals minor cuts and scratches.

  • Hinoki wood, or Japanese cypress, has natural antibacterial properties that make it ideal for kitchen prep work.
  • The straight, subtle grain of Hinoki makes this stain-resistant board attractive enough for use at the table as well as in the kitchen.
  • Hinoki wood is resistant to rotting and fungus growth, and has a naturally fresh citrus fragrance.
  • Ideal cutting board for protecting the razor-sharpness of Shun knives.
  • Made in Japan.

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