All Clad

All Clad - Deep Fryer

$ 199.99 $ 300
Automatically filters and stores the clean oil for next use

 EZ Clean, a unique and world patented technology

This fryer is unique: it filters the oil by itself. Once your frying is done, turn off the appliance and turn the dial to "automatic filtration". Thanks to its temperature sensor, when the oil starts to cool down, it will go through a sieve before being drained into the oilbox underneath. Thus, your oil will always be clean and can be reused multiple times

The ALL-CLAD EJ814 EZ CLEAN PRO DEEP FRYER 3.5L is a semi-professional deep fryer with outstanding performances and high-end finishings. It is built to last thanks to its sturdy stainless steel bowl and stainless steel brushed housing.  Its capacity of 3.5 L allows you to prepare up to 1.2 Kg of food (2.65 lbs). It is also equipped with an on/off switch and a digital timer. The lid can be used during cooking. It has a permanent metallic filter and a viewing window. The fryer can be dismantled very easily and is very easy to clean: bowl, lid, frying basket and oilbox are dishwasher safe.  

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