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All Clad - Classic Round Waffle Maker

All Clad

$ 149.99 $ 220


Ever since the first electric waffle maker was released a little over 100 years ago, waffles have been a staple at the breakfast table and it’s easy to see why. An electric waffle maker like this one, takes all the guesswork out of waffle making. You simply wait for it to heat up, turn the dial, then just wait for it to cook. The waffle maker beeps at each step to let you know when to pour the batter or when your waffle is ready to eat. A high-tech steam-release system wicks away excess moisture from the batter, so your waffles get crispy on the outside, but remain fluffy on the inside. Once you’re done, the nonstick surface is super easy to clean and since it’s so compact, it can store vertically.

Item Care:

Clean after each use

Item Cleaning:

Hand wash recommended

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